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Q&A Session via Zoom

More Horizons successfully delivered a Covid Vaccines – MythBuster Session on Thursday 18th Feb 2021 which the participants found very informative and useful. Several myths and queries were answered.

Remember the NHS will contact you when it is your turn to get the covid vaccine. Please take the vaccine when offered as the vaccinators on the site will screen you to check your eligibility. You cannot take the vaccine if you are currently unwell or covid positive. Wait 28 days after a positive covid test result before booking for a vaccine appointment. 

Always speak to your GP or Healthcare professional beforehand if you have any health issues or your think you might be allergic to the vaccine ingredients.

The best place to look for information on Covid vaccine is the NHS website via this link:


The Covid-19 UK GreenBook can be accessed via the link below - 


There are several informative videos that have been uploaded on Covid information which can be accessed via the links below -

  1. London COVID19 vaccine promotion among BAME

  2. Brent BC Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccine : Get The Facts

  3. Council for mosques in Bradford

  4. EASTLONDONMOSQUE & London Muslim Centre

Dr. Gayatri Amirthalingam  (PHE Vaccination Lead)

  1. COVID-19 vaccines: can they affect my fertility

  2. If I have allergies is it still safe to have the COVID-19 vaccine?

  3. COVID-19 vaccine guide for women of childbearing age or are planning a pregnancy

  4. COVID-19 vaccination: if you have an underlying health condition or are immunosuppressed

Dr. Shriti Pattani (Consultant in Occupational Medicine, NHS)

  1. Should I have the vaccine if I have already had COVID-19?

  2. COVID-19 vaccination: guide for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable and pregnant healthcare staff

  3. Who should and who should not have the vaccine?

  4. COVID-19 vaccination: occupational health - guide to side effects

Learning Disabled: Questions

  1. Information about vaccines: For people with a learning disability and autistic people

  2. Clenton Farquharson TLAP chair getting the vaccine for Covid-19

Vaccine information from other organisations is available on the NHS England website via the link below -




Helping your post-Covid recovery

After you have a covid infection you may continue to experience symptoms of fatigue, breathlessness, headaches and even anxiety. But don't worry, we are here to support you with your recovery post covid infection. We will guide you to manage your day to day activities whether you have a long term condition or not. We will support you to get back to your routine in a safe and confident manner. We will assess your needs and even direct you to relevant services as required. Please get in touch to find about our group sessions (delivered online currently).

You can check out this useful session on - COVID - KNOWNS AND UNKNOWNS showcasing 'Long Covid' or Post Covid Syndrome' available on youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BeC_fVhAXs 

Please also check out our February Session video by Dr. Ash More by clicking the link below

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